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Clean Service, care and attention services, for the maintenance and cleanliness of buildings, we work according to high-level experiences of products and labor, to fulfill your requirements for any of our services provided.

At Clean Service, we are committed to maintaining the business we undertake and to receiving your satisfaction, as we always do not hope to reach the aspirations of our customers.

We have worked on a number of projects and undertakings, and are proud of our permanent clients, whom we share their lifestyle and livelihood.

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Facility management

Your most important investment is the facility that you own. For this reason, Clean Service Facility Management provides comprehensive services in order to maintain

Carpet steam cleaning

Cleaning the furniture and furnishings with the latest technology and the use of steam as the company Clean Services has a great experience in the cleaning of houses


Cleaning and polishing floors, stairs, toilets, kitchens, chandeliers, windows and doors


Clear marble, sprue, stone flooring, tiles Municipal, polishing marble through the mechanics specialized in polishing.

Cleaner reservoirs

All the water from the tank emptying with the descent of Group for the cleaning and washing tank and then sterilized and dried.

Wash interfaces

Periodic cleaning glass facades,Wash and clean interfaces Alkladenj periodically.

pest control

The insect control service provided by Clean Service, the service is to control insects and mice of their kids.

Swimming pools

Make sure to connect the filter,Cleaner filter,Clean water of impurities and dust deposited on the bottom.


Take care of the periodic trimming the landscaping plants and seedlings replace the local and trim trees and shrubs

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