إدارة المرافق

إن استثمارك الأهم هو المرفق الذي تملكه. ولهذا السبب، تقدم كلين سيرفس إدارة المرافق خدمات شاملة من أجل صيانة ونظافة أصولك والحفاظ عليها

carpet steam cleaning

تنظيف الأثاث والمفروشات بأحدث التقنيات وإستخدام البخار حيث أنَّ شركة كلين سيرفس تمتلك خبرة كبيرة في مجال تنظيف المنازل والبيوت والشقق والفلل


Cleaning and polishing floors, stairs, toilets, kitchens, chandeliers, windows and doors, and removing the paint stains unwanted and cleaning the point of this air-conditioned and have to work through specialized workers and materials cleaner occasion.


Clear marble, sprue, stone flooring, tiles Municipal, polishing marble through the mechanics specialized in polishing.

Cleaner reservoirs

All the water from the tank emptying with the descent of Group for the cleaning and washing tank and then sterilized and dried.

Wash interfaces

Periodic cleaning glass facades. Wash and clean interfaces Alkladenj periodically. The interfaces stone and marble wash the dust and the dirt and the effects of rainfall

pest control

تستعين بخدماتنا لمكافحة الحشرات في منشأتك، ستتأكد أنه سيتم التخلص من الحشرات من دون التسبب

Swimming pools

Make sure to connect the filter. Cleaner filter. Clean water of impurities and dust deposited on the bottom. Put disinfectant for water purification.


Take care of the periodic trimming the landscaping plants and seedlings replace the local and trim trees and shrubs and the addition of organic fertilizer as needed and maintenance of the irrigation network.

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