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Foggy antiseptics

We use the best mist antiseptics to eliminate viruses & microbes, the--> most important of which is the Corona virus

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The clients

They are the analogy & echo that makes us always look forward to further development & attention to our services that we provide


We maintain a high level of service & quality for our customers through the professional training our employees receive


Maximum degrees of accuracy & commitment to implementation, availability & delivery times for your project & required service


general hygiene

Specialized and deep cleaning of floors, windows, floor and upper tanks, bathroom, kitchens, stairs, doors, antiques Wood decorations and all general fine details

Polishing and processing marble with diamonds

Clean Service is a company specialized in Marble polishing and polishing with diamond technology This is done through 8 stages of refinement Rehabilitation and polishing of marble

steam cleaner

Steam cleaning of upholstery and furniture Remove stuck and stubborn stains Using the latest devices and technologies

facade cleaner

At Clean Service we use the best Materials for washing solid facades and glass facades

Facilities Management

Clean Service provides comprehensive services To manage facilities in order to show it Always fit and attractive


Features pest control solutions And rodents at Clean Service By specifying places of appearance Insects and their reproduction are used The best German materials are non-existent Smell and harmless to human to eradicate them and prevent their spread without Need to get off the site


Licensed alcohol is used From the Food and Drug Administration to the judiciary on viruses and microbes, It's through the blur technique

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Facility management
Steam furnishing & furniture cleaner
Tank cleaner
Clear and processed diamond marble
Wash interfaces
pest control
Swimming pools
Apartment offer

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